The Good Guy

How did former Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar sexually abuse hundreds of girls and women for decades? To understand how he got away with it, we have to begin with Larry, the good guy.

How He Got Away

13 years before Larry Nassar would admit in court he sexually abused children, 17-year-old Brianne Randall-Gay reported him to the police. But with just a PowerPoint and his word against hers, Nassar got away.

The Basement

Kyle Stephens’ story is a hard one to hear. It’s about the people who love you most, and how they can fail you. And it shows you who Larry Nassar really is — and what was at stake every time he got away.


In 2014, Nassar was interviewed by a police detective after another patient reported him for sexual assault. You’ll hear for yourself how Larry lies, manipulates and convinces police to believe him.

How He Got Caught

For Larry Nassar, the beginning of the end came in 2016, thanks to a tough police detective, a dedicated team of journalists in Indiana, and a homeschooling mom from Kentucky.

The Parents

You may have asked yourself “How could those parents let that happen?” when you first heard about Larry Nassar. But however many questions you might have, these parents have infinitely more.

“What Have You Done?”

Even some of Larry Nassar’s victims found it hard to believe they themselves were abused. This is the story of a patient who supported him for years. Hear what it took for her to finally accept the truth.

The Reckoning

When Larry Nassar’s hearing began in January 2018, it was a local story. By the end, 204 women and girls came forward – and the world paid attention. For his survivors, it was beautiful to be believed.

No Pretty Bows

After Larry Nassar’s sentencing, it might’ve felt like the story was over. The bad guy went to jail. Survivors were believed. All was well in the world. But real life is so much messier than that. There are no pretty bows to tie up this story.

We all think we’d be able to spot a predator like Larry Nassar, the disgraced Olympic gymnastics doctor who sexually abused patients for decades. Of course you would believe a girl or a young woman who came to you looking for help. Right?

Believed is a story of survivors finding their power in a cultural moment when people are coming to understand how important that is.

It’s an inside look at how a team of women — a detective, a prosecutor, and an army of survivors — won justice in one of the largest serial sexual abuse cases in U.S. history.

It’s also an unnerving exploration of how even well-meaning adults can fail to believe.